I’m not lasting, but therefore less annoying

The City of Ljubljana has launched a campaign against plastic bags with the slogan »I’m not lasting, but therefore less annoying. I’m a biodegradable bag.« with the aim of reducing the use of plastic bags which are very harmful to the environment.

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Last spring, Slovenska cesta (Slovenska Street) in Ljubljana was reborn in a clean, new light. Road traffic was restricted, so that only buses are now permitted and cyclists and pedestrians are allowed freer and more relaxed movement. Following...

The MAN campaign continues

The City of Ljubljana is continuing its socially responsible campaign »Človek, čuvaj svoje mesto« (»Man, take care of your city«). In its focus is calling attention to picking up dog feces and throwing away bubble gum into garbage bins. The...

Green capital of Europe striving for clean energy

Ljubljana, the Green Capital of Europe 2016, is this month promoting energy efficiency. By striving for environmentally friendly energy sources in the past decades, the capital has managed to significantly improve air quality in the city, but it...

Ljubljana to get new electric car-sharing model

Ljubljana will be the first European capital to get a new electric car-sharing model. The first vehicles will arrive on 1 July to be available for rental through a mobile application.

Round table: Green Cities - Challenges and Experiences

If the planet is to survive, all cities must adopt the principles promoted by the Green Capital of Europe initiative, said Zoran Janković, the mayor of Ljubljana, the Green Capital of Europe 2016. "This is our solidarity with future generations...

Nijmegen chosen as European Green Capital for 2018

The Dutch city of Nijmegen was declared the winner of the European Green Capital Award for 2018 at a ceremony in Ljubljana on Wednesday, pipping Dutch Hertogenbosch and Swedish Umea for the title.  


The Cyanometer by Martin Bricelj Baraga is a monolith that measures the blueness of the sky and visualises the quality of air in Ljubljana, and simultaneously sends data to an online archive. The cyanometer was invented by Geneva-based scientist...

Green Capital dedicates June to energy efficiency

In Ljubljana we will dedicate the whole of June to energy efficiency. Over 50 events related to the topic will be held in Ljubljana during the month.

Salgado’s photographic tribute to the Earth in green Ljubljana

The Genesis exhibition by renowned photographer Sebastiao Salgado opens this evening at the City Museum of Ljubljana and the Jakopič Gallery. The exhibition includes 245 black and white photographs of flora and fauna, landscapes, seascapes and...

Ljubljana turning degraded areas into green surfaces

Ljubljana is focusing on turning degraded areas into green surfaces that are expected to vastly improve the quality of life as the capital is boasting the 2016 Green Capital of Europe title. A local official has told the STA that Ljubljana is...


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