Ljubljana is one of the few European capitals blessed with natural high quality drinking water untreated with technological processes straight from the tap.

voda iz pipe

Most people do not consume the recommended daily amount of water, which for the general inactive population in a normal environment is 2.5 litres.


Water is our and your responsibility

I pledge that, wherever possible, I will drink tap water. When I go out, I will fill a bottle to take with me. Please mark every photo on this topic that you post on social networks #ljforyou #greencapital2016 or #voda.

voda iz pipe

Fill a bottle with water

It’s better to drink water from the tap or Ljubljana’s drinking fountains, as BPA plastic bottles that we buy in the shops are harmful to the environment and our health. More than half of plastic is not recycled and most ends up in the sea. Natural decomposition of plastic takes up to 700 years. And as we’ve had many drinking fountains in Ljubljana since 2008, residents and visitors can fill a bottle from them

Green yourself

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