Get used to reuse.


One of the things you can do yourself is to transform old clothes and furniture with a few good ideas or supplements. You can find great creative ideas everywhere, and we can look online for inspiration and a few tricks. Our blogger Tjaša Kokalj is going to write about this. Follow her!


Reuse of items and clothing

I pledge that I will adopt a philosophy of reuse and I will ensure that things I no longer need are given a new life. Please mark every photo on this topic that you post on social networks #ljforyou #greencapital2016 or #zpeodpadki.


Reuse centre

The reuse centre will take anything no longer needed and still in good condition, such as furniture, IT equipment, books, home and leisure items, sports equipment, clothes toys and games – in short, everything, in good condition and still useable. The centre prepares things for reuse and sells them for a token price in its green shop, where you can find attractive and unique products from a range of materials. Shopping at the reuse centre saves you money, protects the environment and supports local jobs.

Green yourself

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