Walking the path of Sustainable mobility plan.

For greater mobility and sustainably natural development.

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The city centre, which was once choked by cars and buses, is now the domain of cyclists and pedestrians. City public transport is becoming ever more accessible and user-friendly to passengers.

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I pledge that this year I’ll ride my own bike or a bike from the BicikeLJ system on at least three separate occasions. Please mark every photo on this topic that you post on social networks #ljforyou #greencapital2016 or #EGCbike.

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Carefree cycling

In May 2011, Ljubljana introduced the city bike loan system. Users have 360 bikes at 36 stations in and around the city centre. The system encourages users to borrow a bike for a journey and return it to one of the stations. The first hour is free, after which the rental price rises per hour. 

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