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Like other places in the world, Ljubljana has a few special dishes that were and are characteristic of individual periods of its historical development.

okusi Ljubljane

Tastes of Ljubljana

I pledge that I will cook one of the dishes from the Tastes of Ljubljana recipe book, which include mainly local ingredients.  Please mark every photo on this topic that you post on social networks #ljforyou #greencapital2016 or #okusiljubljane.

okusi Ljubljane

Bon appétit!

Ljubljana cuisine has always been characterized by its diversity of ingredients. Among the most characteristic are vegetables from suburban gardens. The Krakovo and Trnovo areas, less than half an hour’s walk from the city centre, still fill the stalls at the city’s open market even today. Of course meats are indispensible, especially beef and poultry from central Slovenian farms, plus meat from a variety of birds. 

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