Primavoda is the website of the VO-KA public company, but at the same time is more than this and has outgrown its original purpose. It was set up a few years ago in the desire to broaden knowledge about water and this mission remains today.

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Portugalska po moje

Portugal for me

I love exploring our magical planet and always do so very freely and actively. The only outlined goal of every trip is to be very active in sports. My hometown Ljubljana has certainly spoilt me throughout my life in terms of the...


The city and nature – urban and harmonious

Robin McKelvie, a Scottish travel writer, who has been visiting Slovenia for at least two decades, said to me some time ago in an interview for Lipov magazine that Ljubljana is one of his favourite European cities, as he likes the fact that “...


Mateja Gruden, editor, journalist, (still fresh) blogger, lecturer. Professionally and in her private life she has dedicated the last two decades to tourism. Keywords: wanderlust and nature...


Tina Zdjelar is the creator of the Smooth concept and a promoter of healthy lifestyles. Diverse smoothies have been part of Tina's daily morning ritual for more than ten years, and for this reason founded Smooth, about which she says “Smooth...

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