Greetings to readers of ecological topics and those that are now joining them. In the previous column I gave a brief description of how my mind has developed and offered some theories about how life is lived with recycling. Today I am opening the doors of my studio to you – welcome.

Door insulation, coat hooks and some junk.

Tinkering is also part of a way of life, where it is considered that nothing should be thrown away, you buy as little as possible and make it yourself”.

The door unlocks to the right, sometimes once, perhaps twice, but somehow I always manage to lock it. It’s loose, bent and badly centred but somehow still serves its purpose. The inside was later given Styrofoam insulation and covered with some of my parents’ bed linen – that was from Fužine. Some coat hooks hang in the corner; I don’t know where they came from but they were handy. They are mounted on the door on wooden bases as though the wind itself had put them there.

Let’s take a step forward. On the right above an old MZ covered with sheets, shelves climb from the struts of a roof rack; the shelves are actually floorboards and hold all manner of junk covered in studio dust. A bit further on there is an electro corner and a washroom. Granny had ‘parties’ at Tina’s and when she passed on, I inherited a stainless steel barrel. Now it serves as a water tank. It hardly gets used, barely 60 litres a year. The sink that does not leak is made of the highest quality plastic – it’s a bucket from Fužine, if you don’t mind! It’s at least 18 years old.

It’s cooling down these days. Right now I’m sitting behind a screen made out of an old awning, which Kališki (a village inventor, who in fact showed me how to make things at home) covered with soot from his own handmade central heating oven, in which he burnt anything he could. And since my parents were still not thinking ecologically, naturally they bought a new awning and this old one now divides the storage-mechanical part of the studio from the artistic-living area. Aha, on the other side there is a blanket stretched out that I got from relatives for Christmas, but my sense of aesthetics rejected it and so it is conditionally suited to my studio. Thanks, relatives, for your understanding, and also to readers in the sense that you wouldn’t thoughtlessly buy ‘garbage’ as a gift. It’s also regarded as organic.

And going further …

Behind the blankets there is a picture on a podium packed with… anything that was within reach. Behind it is a height-adjustable rack, which, even though it was teased by the wind when being drilled, can be put alongside bought ones.

Yes, everything is crooked here. I seek composition in asymmetry like others do in statues. What’s important is that the thing works and costs less time and money.

OK, somewhere here there is a ventilator from a snack bar on an ice skating rink that we knocked down a few winters ago, and now spare paint is pulled out; again there are shelves from the same snack bar with paints on and stuff for painting, and that which keeps me nice and warm – a strawberry wood-burning stove. Yes, for strawberry liqueur friends say that the corner is a real wine region. I brought it here from some barracks, fat, heavy and cold and I put it in a wheelbarrow and heaved it uphill. When it lit for the first time I was simply relieved. Now I’ve put on some fireclay and iron which absorbs the heat carefully.

Moving to the right half – the kitchen. Anže has cooked sausages here, but for me it’s enough to make coffee. The counter was left behind by Sebato and Ana – “Meh, for sure you will need this for something”. I got an electric cooker from a jazz club, the cupboard beneath, and a fridge in the corner on the left, I’m not sure where from. Above on the school bench there’s a S**Y GrooveSistem music centre, which “collapsed” on Anže and he had to buy a new one, well, a few years later the second one also packed up for good and I got a set of five speakers which combined with the original two and the Teac two, also from Fužine, provide the sounds throughout the whole studio. I can’t do anything without good music and good sounds... in a recycling style, of course!

From the right of the studio we slowly move back into the mechanical part, where things are welded and slotted and 3D products are created. Sometimes I say I’m going to my workshop, not my studio and then from that ‘orientation’ I create dirtily from engines or wheels. Tinkering is also part of a way of life, where it is considered that nothing should be thrown away, you buy as little as possible and make it yourself. In future blogs, I will outline tinkering work with wheels, engines and cars. You can do a huge amount yourselves and take enjoyment from the fact that you have been able to make something work again and you haven’t paid anything for it.

It happens that the middle piece of the angle grinder falls off, as the engineers selected the highest quality aluminium and it has to be repaired. Typically, such a thing carries on working for a few more years. Ties and duct tape are always at hand and they solve many problems. I have been given some tools and devices, in one piece or ‘broken’, and some I have received in exchange for some things that are useless to me and some I have had to buy.

The mechanical section and the ‘dirty’ work table which was once a circular saw. On the left there’s “toothy”, a light and dental clinic on Aškerčeva, which was also often used as disco lighting at JJ parties. On the right, granny’s Iskra hoover, which still works well. The vice on the left of the table has been in our family forever and nothing would happen without it. And in the last corner, we’ve already rounded things off nicely towards the exit and there’s a pile of old iron waiting for the right moment. A store made of cupboards, racks and shelves with all possible endings. So, “an artist’s studio”, a modest space which helps in creating things but is not a requirement.

Think green and greetings until next time when I will gradually showcase the organization of my domestic, internal spaces, recycling furniture and lots of other matters.


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