HARD TALKS – ECOLOGY, lectures and discussions

INDIGO, Festival of Contemporary Ideas

HARD TALKS – ECOLOGY, lectures and discussions

INDIGO, Festival of Contemporary Ideas

In an increasingly alienated society, driven away from each other by the ruthless corporate system of consumption and environmental degradation, we urgently need to find bold, innovative solutions for designing a new society. A new model of society, a new model of the economy, education. A new set of values.

In the workshop, we will be exploring ways how to move forward in using human capital to build greener and smarter cities and communities. How to start thinking in terms of well-being and the Happy Planet Index, rather than the gross domestic product index. How to use business companies for a social and environmental change. How to use the regenerative approach and systemic approach, and focus on integral solutions: people, planet, other beings.

Let us ask ourselves, what do we want, why we want it and how can we do it together?

Participants: Marko Paunović, Luea Ritter, Srdjan Stanković, Christopher Weiss

Moderator: Marjeta Novak

Marko Paunović is social innovator and entrepreneur from Brussels. He is the founder and Programme Director of Out of the Box International, an international think-tank based in Brussels dealing with social innovations. Marko managed the digital campaign for the Green European party, and has done many projects in the area of youth activism, education and social change mechanisms. Marko will present innovation, new technologies used in green politics, as well as the use of human capital in building a greener society.

Luea Ritter has a background as an art curator and has led different trans-disciplinary organizations. She works in diverse sectors (Sustainable Energy, Arts, Education, Civil Society Engagement i.a.) as a systemic constellator, facilitator & coach in the areas of organizational, community & cultural development and geo-relations. Her main focus lays on whole systems design and stewardship, multi-stakeholder dialogue & the regenerative approach. She is inspired to co-create conscious environments, where the whole can unfold serenely through prototyping an interconnected way forward for the societal challenge we are facing today.

Srdjan Stanković is a founder director of Supernatural, an environmental entrepreneurship organization from Belgrade, Serbia. Supernatural festival is the first of 4 projects that have been launched by the organization as a means to raise environmental consciousness among the youth in Serbia. Other projects include Supernatural park: creating a park out of a waste dump; Supernatural goods: cooperative production and sales of local authentic products; Supernatural bar: a place where you can consume the products and the philosophy of the organization. In 20 minutes Srdjan will go over 10 years of activism through these projects.

Christopher Weiss is a Washington DC based environmentalist who has worked for world leading Green organizations, Friends of the Earth and now Global Green USA. Christopher has formed a network of green organizations of Washington DC and has been a leading figure in making Washington city policies come to life. He will show us how green things are in Washington DC.

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