Green-themed monthly tours: Ljubljana's green spaces

Green-themed monthly tours: Ljubljana's green spaces

Ljubljana Tourism's guided tours relating to the monthly theme of the programme of events marking Ljubljana's year as European Green Capital 2016 take you to the city's two major green attractions, Tivoli Park and the Ljubljana Botanic Garden. While exploring the green nooks and crannies along the route, you will learn about the green projects that earned Ljubljana its prestigious title and find out about the city's sustainability achievements. Did you know that Ljubljana is the first of the European capitals on the way to becoming zero waste cities to have already exceeded the European Union's recycling targets for 2020 by ten per cent? Did you know that in various locations across the city's urban core you can find beehives and apiaries, and that Ljubljana's drinking water does not undergo any technological treatment? Join us on a green-themed monthly tour and explore one of the aspects of Ljubljana's sustainable development.

Accompanied by a guide, you will head along the course of a former promenade leading from the central Prešernov trg square to Tivoli Park, Ljubljana's largest and most beautiful park, which stretches right into the city centre. Your first destination in the park will be Tičistan (Birds' Home), a nesting site for birds, where you can also spot squirrels. You will continue towards the Cekin Mansion and along the Jesenko Forest Trail to the Tivoli Mansion, take a walk down the park's iconic Jakopič Promenade, and visit the Tivoli Rosarium, where a rose cultivar called 'Ljubljana' is grown. Your tour will end in the park's pleasant green fish pond area, next to the popular Čolnarna café.

In keeping with May's theme of the month, 'Ljubljana's green spaces', you will learn about the extensive network of recreational paths in Tivoli Park and explore the nearby Jesenko Forest Trail. (photo: Janez Kotar)

Date: May 21,  10 a.m.

Starting point: Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre (TIC)

Duration: two hours

Price: €10

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