Green Capital dedicates June to energy efficiency

Green Capital dedicates June to energy efficiency

In Ljubljana we will dedicate the whole of June to energy efficiency. Over 50 events related to the topic will be held in Ljubljana during the month.

The series of events dealing with energy efficiency will be overseen by Energetika Ljubljana, the public power utility in the city, and will cover a range of everyday themes. The events will reach a peak on 22 June, as the Slovenian capital hosts a ceremony to declare the Green Capital of Europe for 2018 among bidders 's-Hertogenbosch and Nijmegen from the Netherlands, and Umea from Sweden.

In a bid to raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency, presentations will be organised in Ljubljana with the participation of various organisations on ways to conserve energy at home and modern developments in energy efficiency. A series of events will touch on the energy efficiency of the human body to demonstrate the importance of smart energy use. This will include trail runs, hikes and yoga workshops.

Another segment will deal with energy sources for home comfort, as part of which visitors will be provided advice on the best home heating solutions and other ways of improving energy efficiency. A cyanometer will also be erected in central Ljubljana to measure the colour intensity of the sky as part of a segment dealing with air quality in the city. The 3.3-metre installation will measure key air parameters.

This segment will also promote the use of electric and methane-powered vehicles.

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