Primavoda is the website of the VO-KA public company, but at the same time is more than this and has outgrown its original purpose. It was set up a few years ago in the desire to broaden knowledge about water and this mission remains today.

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Romantic spring jeans

While I was spring-cleaning my wardrobe, I discovered that I have a lot of pairs of jeans that I find quite boring and so wear very rarely. I really like personalised jeans, so I’ve created another pair that have a very special story.

A Spring Bag

Spring this year is set to have a floral base for those that are with the strongest, most prominent trends.  In other words, there’s nothing very surprising this spring, but all the same a floral pattern is always welcome. Like the first...

A fashionable hat for winter days.

Warm hats are an excellent fashion accessory for winter, as beside the fact that they keep us warm, they have recently become ever more colourful, fashionable and chic. You can decorate your hat in line with your own unique taste....

Advent Decoration

The end of the year is just around the corner and soon we will be counting down the weeks and days until Christmas. I make an Advent decoration every year, and every year they become less and less like the first one. Or rather, less like the...

naredi sam


Once I set out to transform some old boyfriend jeans into a totally new design. I like transforming the look of old clothes, breathing new life into them and using them in new stylings and new ways to wear them.

I saw some jeans...


Tjaša Kokalj set out to build her career in 2007, when she won the Miss Universe Slovenia beauty pageant. The same year she was the highest placed European in the global competition, which was her ticket into the world of fashion and beauty....

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