10th International Lighting Guerrilla Festival

10th International Lighting Guerrilla Festival

The international Lighting Guerrilla Festival, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, is dedicated to the contemporary visual arts whose basic means of expression is the medium of light. In the year that Ljubljana bears the title European Green Capital, the theme of Nature has been selected for the festival.

Numerous artistic interventions showcased here open themes and explorations of the different meanings that nature has for man in modern society. Nature has been inspiring artists since time immemorial, but contemporary ones are not satisfied with merely portraying it, but instead use advanced technological tools to actively explore her mysteries. Either as the godmother of creative inspiration, even mystical contemplation, or a venue for mysterious forces and processes that raise scientific and artistic curiosity, nature provides both artists and audiences a limitless quantity of material and motifs. The projects shown at the festival re-create the sublime beauty of nature, make space for playful substantial and formal arrangements and provide many starting points for various explorations and artistic experimentations.     

In line with the concept of the festival, this year we have chosen the Botanical Garden in Ljubljana as one of its central venues, where numerous lighting installations by Slovene and foreign artists will be on show among the greenery. Swiss artist Sophie Guyot frames large spatial environments, which in a design sense draw from nature and its habitats: in the Botanical Garden she is showcasing a sea of flowers made from recycled plastic and equipped with LED lighting which create an illusion of a shiny meadow which addresses the fragility of nature but also its ability to recover and regenerate. With assistance of light, Marko Batista explores the fairytale world of microscopic animals; an installation that he developed in partnership with research platform Proyecta Agua, which takes as a theme the hybrid nature of two geographically diverse environments. In the Botanical Garden,  Students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design set up the laboratory medium MDXV, which illustrates the strictly controlled and synthetic production of ‘living’ beings. In her interactive installations, Dutch artist Tamar Frank is inspired by fireflies. The simple but visually exciting project by Tamar Frank emphasises and reinforces the sensory experience which we usually seek in the natural world; as such this represents a romanticised depiction of nature, which emphasises its beauty with the help of technology. Students from the Faculty of Architecture divided themselves into three smaller groups, each of which chose a location in the park, where they put in place three spatial installations. At a formal level, the trio of projects deal with the specific realities or givens of the micro locations selected, but at a content level with the processes that take place in nature and their significance for the modern human.

In the Botanical Garden, whose paths will be illuminated by lighting designer Borut Bučinel during the festival, we will also take the opportunity to present the results of the Magical Forest workshop: this is a lighting installation the work of the youngest artists, consisting of various images that reveal the secrets of life in the forest. Each evening from 2 to 4 June, the Botanical Garden is also set to host the German artistic collective RaumZeitPiraten, who will be showcasing a series of lighting sculptures, which take as a theme the idea of parasitic or symbiotic relationships in nature.

Lighting Guerrilla will be on show until 4 June, daily until 11:30pm.

More info at www.svetloblagverila.net





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